The new AYAMA Delta transmitters are about to arrive


The new Delta transmitters we introduced last week will start shipping on Monday.

AYAMA presents the new Delta transmitter for pigeon fanciers: an indispensable ally for the absolute control of your pigeons.


With AYAMA's Delta transmitter, you will keep control of your pigeons' position and trajectory at all times, taking your racing to the next level. Get it now and make your pigeons fly higher than ever!

AYAMA will be present at the XV International Aviornis Congress


Discover how our high quality transmitters can help you monitor and track your birds in real time like never before.

Panther Plus pack offer


Now you can get three high quality products for a much lower price. The bundle includes the powerful Phanter Plus, the Pulsar 5-Pack and the reliable Kombix UV-5RE, all for the price of 890€

Track your hawk during the moulting season with the MAX 2 C.C. Hacking transmitter.


The molting season has begun for hawks, and if your hawk molts on a perch, we present the perfect radiotracking transmitter for you and your hawk: the MAX 2 C.C. Hacking transmitter.

Improve your pigeon fancier experience with the AYAMA KOMBIX UV-5RE walkie-talkie.


If you are a fan of pigeon fanciers and are looking for a specialized walkie-talkie for releases, AYAMA has the perfect solution for you! Introducing the KOMBIX UV-5RE, an excellent walkie-talkie with dual band UHF and VHF.

XIV Iberian Falconry Cup for small birds


AYAMA, sponsor and main collaborator of the XIV Iberian Falconry Cup for small birds.

III Trofeo Versatile Iberian Falconry Trophy


AYAMA has collaborated in the III Trofeo Versátil Cetrería Ibérico de Pequeñas Rapaces.

XXXI SKY TRIAL Villa de Turleque 2023


AYAMA has participated in the XXXI SKY TRIAL Villa de Turleque 2023.

Bulgarian Falconry Union / Български Соколарски Съюз Sky Trials 2022


Ayama Segutel, Radiotracking & GPS Telemetry Systems sponsored the event with the best radio transmitters and falconry vests for the participants.

AYAMA joins falconry in the Spanish Championship 2022 with its GPS technology POINTER TRACK/SAHARA/LOGAN


AYAMA and its GPS POINTER TRACK/LOGAN/SAHARA technology stand out in the Spanish Falconry Championship 2022, providing live information on the flights of the participating birds.

XV Campeonato Autonómico de Cetrería de Aragón


AYAMA was in the XV Campeonato Autonómico de Cetrería de Aragón.

Championship of Falconry 2022 and Intersocial Championship of Madrid 2022


AYAMA was present at the Autonomous Championship of Falconry 2022 and Intersocial Championship of Madrid 2022.

AYAMA technology for falconers: Launching of the Pointer Track IOS App to follow the flight of your birds in real time.


Track your falconry birds with Ayama Pointer Track App for IOS. The tool that allows you to record and replay the flight while you visualize parameters such as speed, height and distance at all times.

Success at the Catalan Championship in Bellpuig


AYAMA's team participated in the Catalonia 2022 High Altitude and Low Flying Championship in BellPuig and, for the second consecutive year, AYAMA's POINTER TRACK/SAHARA/LOGAN GPS systems were used to monitor the flights and facilitate the work of the judges.

AYAMA presents its new transmitters in action


AYAMA has presented the new LOGAN GPS and LOGAN ALUM GPS Transmitters at the XXVII Jornadas Internacionales de Cetrería del Norte de España.

XXVII International Falconry Conference of Northern Spain


AYAMA was present in La Virgen del Camino for the XXVII International Conference on Falconry in Northern Spain

New AYAMA team in Doha


From Qatar we present the new AYAMA team in Doha.

AYAMA's GPS transmitter family grows


The family of AYAMA GPS transmitters is growing, and now you have 3 models of GPS transmitter to choose from.



We are back this week with another novelty for all of you. The new PACK POINTER/TRACK LOGAN ALUM

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