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    MAX 2 Great autonomy

    Issuer for highly efficient and versatile for a large majority falconry raptors . The transmitter MAX 2 combines autonomy and performance, thanks to the new High -Tech Autonomy technology. Waterproof.

  • Pointer Altium


    Smart receivers

    The Pointer Altium combines traditional reception of signals with radio-telemetry reception with height information where you are flying with our falcon. We can follow the flight of our hawk and see and listen the height of your flight in real time.



    Altimeter and radiotracking transmitter.

    Vesta Altium combines sending signals of radio-tracking telemetry signals, which indicate the flying height of our hawk. The integration of the most innovative digital technologies has enabled us to achieve an excellent transmitter that perfectly combines the performance and aerodynamic design. The result is a very small and light emitter. It can be used in different types of hawks.