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Ayama-Segutel is a company with more than 45 years of experience in the sector of micro-electronics.

In 1972, Ignacio Amaya established the company AYAMA-Segutel and he started to work in the field of micro-electronics security. In those first years different security systems were developed and, from the experience obtained during all that time, in 1993 the first radio tracking system for Falconry and Pigeon Racing training in Spain was manufactured.

In 2009, a new managing body takes the management of AYAMA-Segutel and we continue working in order to keep on offering the best products with the most advanced technology for radio tracking systems applied to animals, people and other.


AYAMA-Segutel has improved all its products, thanks to the experience obtained along the years, with a great human and technological investment. The continuous development and improvement of our products is guaranteed by a specialized professionals’ team.

In our laboratories we keep on improving our products, offering the best price and the highest quality thanks to the cooperation with other technological companies.

Our staff consists of a big human team, formed by professionals specialized in the sector that allows us to offer the best service and the most advanced products.

The production of the company takes place in our head office.

The research and development (R+D) department is where the manufacturing process starts. This process continues in the production department with the collaboration of other related companies in the sector. Finally, the goods arrive to our final customers thanks to the important national and international distribution network.

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