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IV Catalonia Cup VERDU

IV Catalonia Cup VERDU
Last weekend in Verdú (Lleida) the IV Catalonia Cup was held with great success of participation. Despite the very low temperatures all the modalities planned by the organization could be celebrated. Sky trial, Astor, Harrys, Small birds. Sky trial modality was controlled by AYAMA’s POINTER ALTIUM system which measures the flights in height. Ayama-Segutel installed a screen system in the tent of the organization to follow the falcons flights in real time. Thanks to the Altium system we were able to attend live the spectacular flights of the hawks participating in the Sky trial modality.
Ayama wants to congratulate all the participants, especially the winners of the different modalities. We would also like to congratulate the organization for their great work, especially Xavier Navarra and Dani García and thank them for the confidence they show us each year.
One more year, and it’s been already four...!!!
Ayama in ACTION!!