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130,00€ Tax excluded

  • Battery life: 6 Days
  • Range: 20/40Km
  • Weight: 4 g
Configuration possibilities
  • Fitting ayuda.jpg
  • Personal code ayuda.jpg  

AVIO-H model is the standard model of the range of pigeon racing transmitters forfemales. It's characterized by its low weight and flat design shape, through which can be placed in all kinds of adult female birds easily. Its main features are:

Battery life of 6 daysWith personal code, 3 days.

Low Battery Detector.

Personal code (optional).

- Led flashing red.

 - Weight 4 grams (with batteries included 392).

- Antenna long, default (maximum performance).


* with top-quality conditions

Weight 4 g.
Autonomy 6 d.
Range 20/40 Km
Antenna size 15 cm

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