Last weekend, February 10th and 11th, the X Perdiguera Trophy (Zaragoza) took place. Falconers could compete in High Flight (Partridge), hand to hand with Falcon (Partridge), Small Raptors (Quail), Low Flight with Harris (Pheasant) and Low Flight with goshawk (Partridge). During the first morning test, High flying partridge, we could follow up the evolution of the hawks equipped with the Pointer Altium system on the screens installed by AYAMA. We were able to see live bird flights and scoops taking part in this spectacular event thanks to our new POINTER ALTIUM altitude measurement systems.

Despite the wind and the cold, we were able to see the excellent level of all the participants and especially the winners that we wish to congratulate. Congratulations also to the organizers for the excellent work they have done one more year ... We encourage them to continue their efforts so that we can keep on enjoying this great event in 2019.

AYAMA in Action !!