New falconry season is on the horizon

August 31st, it seems that holidays are coming to an end. The birds are coming out of moult and the new falconry season is on the horizon.

From AYAMA we continue working to offer you this new season, very interesting novelties. We hope you like them, so that we can continue to offer you the best technology applied to falconry.

We leave you with a poem by Samuel  Zamorano from his book “Romance”, which perfectly illustrates the change of season.

The moult

Old feather

clothes worn by the sun and by the wind

weathered in a thousand battles across the firmament.


Broken feather

war wounds of the corsair

that you have to heal alone.


New suit

life springs from the field and its scents

impregnate your dress with beautiful colours.


New feather

look how beautiful in your new suit

ready again for the wild life.


AYAMA in Action...!!!

Fly safe, fly with AYAMA

©  Ayama Segutel 2024


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