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VESTA Altium

225,00€ Tax excluded

  • Battery life: 5 Days
  • Range: 40/80 km*
  • Weight: 9 g
Configuration possibilities
  • Fitting ayuda.jpg
Vesta Altium combines sending signals of radio-tracking telemetry signals, whichindicate the flying height of our hawk. The integration of the most innovative digital technologies has enabled us to achieve an excellent transmitter that perfectlycombines the performance and aerodynamic design. The result is a very small and light emitter. It can be used in different types of hawks.

-Use A standard 3V lithium battery  1/3N

, which provides a combined duration of 30 minutes and mixed operation of radio-altimeter, followed by 5 days of operation in radiotracking.
-Low battery.
Magnetic -Switch ON / OFF. Safety system shutdown emitter for detectingundesirable magnetic fields.
-Sujeción. Harness, tail or leg.
-Range: 20 / 60 Km* 
-Weight: 10 g.

* with top-quality conditions

Weight 9 g.
Autonomy 5 d.
Range 40/80 Km
Antenna size 21 cm


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