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700,00€ Tax excluded

  • Autonomy: 6 Hours
  • Weight: 180 g
  • Measures: 6.9x2x11.5 cm
POINTER ALTIUM model is an smart receiver, with a design and unique features. AYAMA uses the most advanced technologies to create a new generation of receivers easy to use and different ways of working-tracking radio.

The Pointer Altium combines traditional reception of signals with radio-telemetry reception with height information where you are flying with our falcon. We can follow the flight of our hawk and see the height of your flight in real time.

Its color touch screen shows us, in a simple menu, its modes.

Altium mode * (Altimeter), shows in different screens, the height of the flight, the flight time, up and down trend, flight charts, etc.

Manual mode for the most experienced. Quickly and accurately in the search.

Smart mode with noise suppression and search assistant indicating direction.High accuracy in the search.

-Automatic channel tuning.

-System Smart noise suppression.

-System Assisted direction indication.

-System unlimited memory.

* The Altium mode only works when used with the transmitter Vesta Altium.

Weight 180 g.
Autonomy 6 h.

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