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180,00€ Tax excluded

  • Battery life: 6 Days
  • Range: 40/80 km*
  • Weight: 9 g
Configuration possibilities
  • Fitting ayuda.jpg
The VESTA transmitter is a small size model with High-Tech Transmission performance technology that allows us to obtain large working distances.

- ON/OFF magnetic switch (with a special security system to avoid an automatic switch off when near a non-desirable magnetic field).

- It incorporates, by default, a low battery detector.

Airtight and water-resistent.

Weight of 8,9 grams for leg and 9,2 grams for tail (weights with battery included)

- It can be used in birds from 200 grams on.

- Fastening: leg, tail or harness.

- Battery life: 6 days with 1/3N battery

- Antenna 21 cm.

Transmitter suitable for saker falconharri's hawkgyrfalcon and red-tailed hawk.

* with top-quality conditions

Weight 9 g.
Autonomy 6 d.
Range 40/80 Km
Antenna size 21 cm

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