What is triangulation?

Triangulation in radio-tracking is a technique with which we look for different reception lines (from a same transmitter) that converge in a specific geographic point. When we are searching a falcon or using radio-tracking for any other application which places the transmitters many kilometers away from the receiver, it is advisable to look for the emitter’s signal with the directional antenna. This makes possible to establish a direction on the terrain’s cartography. We should draw a line on a map (this line can be real or just imaginary) which represents the signal’s trajectory. It would be better if we take some measurements from different and separate points. All this procedure will make possible to determine the position of our transmitter since the trajectory lines will converge. This intersection will show us our emitter’s position. We will get better results if we have a 90 degrees angle formed by two of our trajectory lines. These measurements can be repeated as many times as needed.

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