What is the personal code emission?

This is an identification system for radio-tracking equipments.

The radio-tracking electronic equipments consist of a transmitter that emits intermittent pulsating signals and a receiver which is capable to receive these pure signal impulses. The identification of the targets can only be done using different channels for each emitter. As there is a limited number of channels and, overall, many people using the same, we could easily track an animal whose transmitter may be on the same channel than another working transmitter located in the same area. We will eventually notice that it is not our transmitter, what will cause a huge waste of time and, occasionally, a loss of the animal.

Our system consists on the creation of some musical rhythms or personal codes emitted on MORSE that are transmitted by the emitter attached to the animal. These codes can be easily identified by hearing. Thus, we can use this system with any radio-tracking specialized receiver on the market

The personal codes can be automatically decoded by our receivers. On the receiver’s screen will show that our personal code is being decoded, certifying our transmitter’s authenticity.

The advantages of this system are really interesting since we can identify our emitter in two ways (hearing the sound or looking at the screen) as long as our receiver had the code identification option.

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