Instructions to use the batteries

When the batteries are not correctly used, you can get upset with the emitter’s performance.

Practical advice for a correct battery handling:

• Don’t keep batteries with other metallic objects since they can short-circuit causing a loss of their charge and, consequently, their autonomy.

• Don’t protect batteries with adhesive tape as there could be rests of glue which will difficult the current transmission when you want to use them.

• Do use always the supplied plastic sheath so the external perimeter of the battery remain protected of electric short-circuits which can be produced through the emitter’s battery compartment. In case that you use a tube emitter, you will also have to place this protection because, otherwise, the emitter can remain switched on even if the cap is not screwed in (since there is contact between the battery and the tube’s wall).

• When you place two or more batteries in the insulating sheath, you must be very careful to avoid them to be crossed.

• The collocation position of the transmitter’s batteries is the one indicated by the manufacturer. It is specified on the corresponding user’s guide for each transmitter.

It normally consists on placing the negative pole of the first battery contacting to the battery’s compartment centre and the positive pole (which corresponds to the body) touching the negative pole of the next battery. This type of assembly is known as “connection in series” and it is useful to add up batteries’ voltages. 

Nevertheless, sometimes it is different. For instance, the hunting dogs’ emitter has the negative pole on the cap.

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