How can I fasten the transmitter to my bird?

Tail fastening

We can fasten a transmitter to the bird’s tail by means of two main elements: the tail spring (attached to the emitter) and the tail-mount piece, where the tail spring is inserted. The tail-mount piece must be attached to the bird’s central feather, this union can be reinforced by some instant glue (non water-soluble). The spring gets into the mount piece so easily but it cannot fall out since the spring’s points are folded. To take out the spring, we should press both spring’s arms until they get together and extract it from the tail-mount piece.

Leg fastening 

This kind of fastening consists of “hanging” the emitter on the bird’s leg. By means of a leather strip, we will attach the transmitter (using the cap with a little hole) to the bird’s leg. This type of fastening is very practical but not very advisable since the transmitter will be knocking on each surface where the bird stops. All this, may considerably damage the transmitter’s electronic circuit. 

With this system, when the animal is standing on the ground, the emitter’s radiation is very limited because the antenna touches the ground. This is particularly important when the ground is wet.

Harness fastening

The harness fastening consists of the attachment of the emitter to the bird’s back.

We need a harness kit (a harness mount and a teflon strip) and a tail spring. We will fasten the harness mount to the back of the bird by means of the teflon strip. The harness collocation might be a bit difficult if our bird is a little nervous. Once we had the harness on the bird, we should insert the tail spring (attached to the emitter) into the harness mount hole.


This is the most suitable fastening system as it offers a better performance and protection to both transmitter and bird.

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