¿How can I discriminate between true and false signals? (Rebounds)

When while we are searching we find different signals in different directions, we have to know which one is the correct signal and which signal is a rebound to start the research in the correct direction. In cases like this, we can use the digital tone processor (PT-3). This device is especially designed to distinguish between direct signals and rebounds. The PT-3 will let us know the correct direction to follow so we can reach the animal with no losses or unnecessary wasting of time.

This device is placed inside our more advanced telemetry receivers and it can process digitally the received signals. The PT-3 takes a received signal, processes it and creates a new signal. As a result, we obtain a clean, strong and longer sound, even if the received signal was weak and with a lot of background noise.

The utilization of this device allows us to differentiate between direct signals and reflected signals since the last are much weaker. Those little differences that are perceived neither by the hearing sense nor by the pointer are detected by the digital tone processor (PT-3), and it turns them into great acoustic and visual differences which can be easily distinguished.

Due to its great precision, the reception angle lessens in a considerable way. So, we can get a better precision when determining the direction of the obtained signal. PT-3 allows us to find the place where an animal is hidden with almost perfect exactitude, just with a few centimeters error.

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