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Delta Fly Transmitter
Delta Fly Transmitter
Delta Fly transmitter
Delta Fly Solar Transmitter
Delta Fly transmitter
Delta Fly Transmitter


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DELTA FLY GPS Locator/Transmitter for falconry under flight (Harris, Goshawk). It combines the telephone network and the GPS satellite system to send the GPS position of your bird to your mobile phone. You will only have to use/install the AYAMA POINTER TRACK 3 APP (free), for Android or IOS on your mobile to start receiving the GPS positions of your bird. The integration of the most innovative digital and communication technologies in this DELTA FLY locator/transmitter has allowed us to achieve excellent performance for locating birds (Harris, Goshawk).

- Rechargeable battery, with transmitter charge indication. Blue led above 40%, red led below 40%. Also shows battery level in APP

- Magnetic ON / OFF switch on charger base.

- Short antenna of 7.5 cm.

- Multicolor LED.

- Autonomy: 2-3 days on average.*

- GPS telemetry range, according to telephone coverage.

- Weight: 9,5g.

- Size,  30x16x13 mm

- Equipped with short-range radiotracking (50 meters)


* depending on the time we have used the GPS.


Annual telephone connection fee €55.00.

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