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Heat shrinkable kit colors

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The coloured heat shrinkable transmitter customisation kit for pigeon fanciers and falconers is a very useful tool for fans of these activities, as it allows them to customise their transmitters in a simple and attractive way.

Heat shrinkable tubes are small plastic tubes that are placed on the transmitters of pigeon and falconry equipment, which are adjusted to their size by using heat. These tubes are available in various colours:

- Blue

- Green

- Yellow

- Red

- White

It allows users to choose the one they like the most and personalise their equipment in a unique way. The installation of these tubes is very simple. The heat causes the tube to adhere to the transmitter, ensuring a firm and durable hold. It helps to identify the equipment of different users more easily, which is especially useful at events and competitions. Coloured heat shrink tubing for personalisation of pigeon and falconry transmitters is a useful and practical product for those who enjoy these activities. With a wide variety of colours available and easy installation, these tubes are an excellent choice for customising users' equipment.

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