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Pointer Track GPS

Select Hard Suitcase Pointer

765'00 €
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The POINTER TRACK model is an intelligent receiver, with unique design and features. AYAMA uses the most advanced technologies to create a new generation of receivers.

The POINTER TRACK combines the reception of the position of our GPS transmitters by telemetry and the reception of traditional radiotracking signals, it is the perfect combination to locate bird sample in case of loss. All in one team. No fees or mobile phone coverage required.

Seeing the information of height, speeds of our hawk, graphics, flight map and other measures is essential for Sky Trial lovers. The Pointer Track shows us these measurements on the map or on your dashboard.

The color touch screen shows us, in a simple menu, its working modes.

Maps mode (1), shows us in a simple way the flight position on the maps viewed on screen of the place where it is flying.

Altium mode (2), shows us on different screens, the height of the flight, the flight time, trend of rise and fall, flight graphs, etc.

Manual mode, radio tracking for the most experienced. Great speed and precision in the search.

Smart mode, radio tracking with noise suppression and search assistant with direction indication.

Bluetooth connection to our SMARTPHONE, to use it with our APP (Pointer Track) available in the Play Store, in the application we will see the maps of Google maps and the history of our flights.

Automatic channel tuning system.

Unlimited memory system.

(1) Maps Mode only works when used with the Sahara/Logan transmitter.

(2) Altium Mode only works when used with the Vesta Altium transmitter.

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