Radiotracking receiver Pointer Basic
Radiotracking receiver Pointer Basic
Radiotracking receiver Pointer Basic

Pointer Basic

Select Hard Suitcase Pointer

645'00 €
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  • Battery life: 6 Hours
  • Weight: 180 g
  • Measures: 6.9x2x11.5 cm

The POINTER Basic model is an smart receiver, with a design and unique features. AYAMA uses the most advanced technologies to create a new generation of receivers easy to use and different ways of working-tracking radio.

Manual mode, for the most experienced people. Quickly and accurately in the search.

Smart mode with noise suppression and search assistant indicating direction.High accuracy in the search.

- Automatic channel tuning.

- Smart noise suppression system.

- Assisted direction indication system.

- Unlimited memory system.

- Big tactile color screen.

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مجموعة من جهاز استقبال Pointer Basic للتتبع الراديوي مع 2 جهاز إرسال STAR وحقيبة حمل ، مع جميع ملحقاتها. استقبال بأحدث التقنيات المطبقة على التتبع الراديوي للمستخدمين الأكثر تطلبا.

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